Flexible Modern Solution

Unique architecture that mixes agile approach and multi-cloud powered architecture. Focus on running your business not maintaining software and devices. Dynamically deploy and run either if you are upgrading from an existing solution or creating a new center.

Complex Solution

Manage a single center or a large chain easily in one place.

Platform Independent

Runs on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Modern Cloud Solution

Have all your data in one place, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Mobile Application Support

iOS and Android scheduling platform and communication channel with donors.

Performance Analytics

Set your targets and measure them using online real-time performance indicators.

Donor Base Management

Use your data to develop better relationships, set realistic goals, and execute donor strategies.

Thin Client Architecture

No install packages, libraries, complicated updates and service onsite.

Design Patterns

Maintain your corporate identity and customize the front-end layers according to your needs. Or enjoy our preset styles.

Data security and certifications

Stay protected with an unparalleled compliance and security portfolio.

Third party devices integration

PlasmaStream has an integrated API for communication with all commonly used medical devices on the market including plasma separators and blood analyzers.

Our Clients & Partners

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